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Let’s Read James Patterson

James Patterson is  a machine when comes to writing and publishing books. For almost half a year, one or the other from his books is on New York Times Bestseller List. People read him. His books are fast paced and you can manage to read one of them while traveling to your work in day or two (assuming the distance between your work and where you live is nearly 2 hours) or if you want to accomplish reading in shorter period of time frame and some of his books are able to satisfy the demands of voracious readers. I mean the usual: the P/PC balance between the plot and its characters.

I haven’t ready of his book in a long time. It has been almost two years since I read any of his title and the last one I remember reading is I, Alex Cross. Few years back in the post, Mistress by James Patterson & David Ellis, I admitted that Mr. Patterson’s books are worth reading only when they are written solo and not co-authored along with anyone. At that time, I met some disappointments with his Private Series. Then I came across Alex Cross series which undoubtedly are good books though I haven’t explored it very much in-depth.

Here is a complete list of books written by James Patterson that have been or are releasing this year:

NYPD RED 4 | 4 Feb ’16

PRIVATE PARIS | 21 Mar ’16

15th AFFAIR | 7 Mar ’16

CROSS KILLS | 7 June ’16

ZOO 2 | 7 June ’16

THE GAMES |  27 June ’16

HUMANS, BOW DOWN | 1 August ’16

Recently with release of his new book, The Games which is a part of Private series and is co-authored by Mark Sullivan, I am going to try again and see if his co-authored books show some signs improvement lately. By improvement I mean the obvious: plot and characters.

Do you read James Patterson?


30 thoughts on “Let’s Read James Patterson”

  1. I love James Pattersons books. As a teenager I used to read the Maximum Ride series which was brilliant and well written for young adults. So he writes really well for Young adults, I have not yet read any of the Alex Cross books but heard they were really good.


  2. I wouldn’t touch them except perhaps one of his earlier books frommdecades ago.
    He doesnt even write the books, he runs the James Patterson name like a cartel and has countless other authors writing for him and he acts as the don, editing a little and acting as quality controller.
    Its the opposite of what writing is about. Just a money making empire now with zero respect from a lot of writers. Total sell out.

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  3. I totally agree with the co-writing thing. There really can’t be a real partnership going on with any of these other authors; there’s just too many of them. Recently, however, I received an ARC of Never Never which is the first in a new series co-written by Aussie author, Candice Fox. And I admit I’m just over half way and loving it. It’s slick, which I put down to Patterson, but it still has lots of Aussie-ness to it, which must be Fox’s input. The short chapters are addictive — ‘Just one more.’ Despite my reservations, it’s made me curious about his other series.

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  4. I have read and enjoyed Patterson’s solo books but when he changed genre and started co-writing, I wasn’t sure what to expect from his books anymore.
    Last week, I was in the bookstore looking for books for gifts for some children and saw a lot of middle grade books with his name on them.
    I admire him for extending and reinventing his career but I think the effect of all this coauthoring is that I have to judge each book on its own instead of just saying, “oh here’s an author I really like so I know what kind of books he writes”
    There’s definite pros and cons.
    in other news, if I could co-write a book with him myself, I’d be all over that opportunity! 🙂

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