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What did I read this week?

Current week is to an end and I am still not finished with Wilkie Collins’ WOMAN IN WHITE. Many say it’s his masterpiece but I am reading Collins for the first time and not even a hundred pages complete. It’s a mystery novel and has a Gothic theme with psychological realism which I am yet to explore. More this week, I had more than usual amount of free time and the amount of books I have to read is always, enormous. Thus to take the matter in my own hands and with blessings of time, I decided to binge reading and ended up reading first two books of Lord Peter Wimsey, Whose Body? & Clouds of Witness written by Dorothy Sayers.


Lord Peter Wimsey, as I like to imagine, is an unusual sort of character to be a detective in detective fiction with his reputation in London’s Society and the wealth of his family.

In good sense, he is curious, just like Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson, he has his own sidekick in the form of Bunter who is his butler and is almost all the time associated at his command. (Bunter also  buy books for his lordship is his lordship is unable to attend an auction of rare books, and does not overspends. How good is that!) If the reader is familiar with the writings of P.G. Wodehouse, on reading Whose Body? will believe at first that Lord Peter Wimsey is a creation of the wit and humour essentially provided by Mr. Wodehouse.

Lastly, my friend Emmie on her fascinating book blog Another of Reading, discussed in a blog post about how she is reading 5 books at one time. Haven’t read multiple books at same time in months,her post got me thinking, and with the finale of this week, I am ending it up with Wilkie Collins’ Woman in White & Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia’s second part: Purgatorio.


13 thoughts on “What did I read this week?”

      1. Yes, and I have such little time for reading these days. It breaks my heart. Well actually I read just as much, but I’ve been working on reading more articles as opposed to just novels. I suppose that adds up.

        Have you read the series?


      1. Nice…! I was kinda a classics nerd in middle school…luckily I had a teacher that introduced me to a whole new realm of books/authors when I got bored of the “dead white guy” book zone (in/by the eighth grade). LOL

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