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BOOK REVIEW: Secrets of Zyanpagua- Return of the Princess by Illika Ranjan

Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess by Ilika Ranjan was a fun read for me. The book is meant for children or early teenagers and in their perspective it is quite a good read. It has all elements of a children’s book and I would to has more than the elements.

The book is about Zyanpagua, a fantasy land separated from Earth where an evil king regulates who has captured the queen of Zyanpagua with his magic and has vanished the king, again with the help of his magic whom he calls violet. The princess, the daughter of the original queen, the protagonist of this story, resides in India and is unknown of the fact of her being the princess or the existence of Zyanpagua when she is introduced to her readers.

Some might question the way story unfolds in the starting chapters but I think its perfect from a children’s POV book. A child, unlike an adult, in most cases, will find difficult if the story doesn’t make twists and turns. I credit the author here for keeping the plot in motion through out the book.

There were few things I did not agree with, but hey, it’s a fantasy. The book is introduced to major characters through illustrations in between which I think is an excellent point of introducing them all the children who might end up reading it. Also, in their case, the visualisation with the text helps.

Thus, I would recommended this book to all children and encourage their parents to make them read fantasy books to let them improvise their imaginations from early age.

3 out of 5  | AMAZON


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