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REVIEW: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

I must confess I have never read any book of the Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. And for the time being I cannot confirm to do so. Though I am familiar with Neil Gaiman’s writing which sometimes fascinates me. Coraline and Sandman series are a good place to start with Neil Gaiman, only if you are unfamiliar.

Good Omens is a collaborative work and unlike any other co-authored books (I am pointing to Patterson and Co.), it’s different and points out some good things about society and religion in general. Overall, this book is a piece of fantasy and show signs of humour from the start.

One, if highly familiar with both Gaiman’s and Pratchett’s style of writing might able to point out tiny bit of difference in the text but I think it is not much of a difference. The plot consists of angels and demons, good and evil and a tale of bonding between the two. The demon as we may call some of them, are not different and nor are the angels. In the start, a funny thing happens that develops the whole book and plot revolves around that part.

The characters are well-formed and from the start you can notice that the enhancement is given to their nature, especially the nature of human beings and how a demon and an angel after spending a relevant amount of time on this planet, Earth, can get used to it. The book has to offer some philosophy which is good in nature, with its characters. There isn’t much of for protagonists but there many antagonists in this book to consider.

One severe thing I observed in this book is the lack of humour in Gaiman’s writing. Though this observance become a confirmation only when I read the interview in which Pratchett and Gaiman discuss, who wrote which part. Still it’s a disappointing factor and effects on the plot in between. In other words, it does feel like a drag in between. Clever satire is clever but you will easily recognise when it does not remain clever.

Some people may compare this book to that of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy. There are similarities in the use of satire and both being British but Good Omens is a bit different in terms of tone.

If you are considering to read this book, go ahead, enjoy the wits and do think nature of philosophy this book offers.

3 out of 5!


18 thoughts on “REVIEW: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett”

  1. I certainly enjoyed a lot of the Discworld books, especially the early ones. I recommend at least reading the first two books, which are really Part 1 and Part 2 of one story: “The Color of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic”. I find the later books become somewhat formulaic and repetitive, but there’s some real brilliance in Pratchett’s worldbuilding in the early books.

    I’m hoping that there is an adaptation done for film or TV of “Good Omen”s, maybe just because I want to see how they do the chattering nuns!

    (I’ve recently been binge-watching my way through the series “Supernatural” and they included a demon named “Crowley”. I’m sure it’s a direct nod to “Good Omens”, because it’s very close to the same character.)

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  2. Big fan of both Pratchett and Gaiman. I read this book ages ago, and remember enjoying the Agnes Nutter parts and all the puns, not so much anything else. The ending also was a bit off, I think. Maybe I need a reread to see how it stands up against memory


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  4. Hey! Great review. I’m not really familiar with Gaiman or Pratchett (I saw Coraline as a child and was absolutely horrified), but this book definitely piques my interest because of the angels and demons on Earth idea. P.S. love the new site header! It looks fantastic.

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  5. Nice review. This is right after Anansi Boys on my Gaiman to-read list. Like you said, the book , unlike the other Neil Gaiman’s writings, smacks of irony. I’m thus somewhat wary of reading it. Maybe it’s too blatantly tongue in cheek for my taste.


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