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REVIEW: Small Steps to Big Reading- Converting Non-Readers Into Readers by Hozefa Bhinderwala

My Rating: 3/5

Small Steps to Big Reading written by Dr. Hozefa Bhinderwala intend towards non-regular readers with illustrations and motivational tips and answering “how” & “why” questions non-readers often tend to ask, to spend an amount of time with a book. The title is self-explanotry. Bhinderwala suggests giving up some deeply entrenched old habits that are counterproductive and equipping ourselves with better skills.

On important aspect Bhinderwala discusses is to fight the guilt of overcoming half-read books and moreover not reading them at all. He urges people who want to continue to develop a habit of reading  to continue in their quest of more fulfilling reading. To achieve this, beyond just tips, the book also provides physical tools that help the reader overcome old habits like regression, lack of preview, subvocalizing, slow reading, and self-doubt.

Bhinderwala has done a great job by including illustrations wherever necessary along with the text. One thing I’d like to point out, that determines the length of this book too, it’d been better if he had included some amount of anecdotes, a pattern contemporary non-fiction writers are following now a days. [See Carl Newport, Charles Duhigg]. The whole point of research based anecdotes is they are inspiring to whomsoever read them. Those advantageous  anecdotes do get stuck with readers in their mind, you don’t know for how long! Maybe for the rest of their lives? This thing also helps a writer to convince his readers more, because he is stating facts.

On reading this book, I feel that the correct audience of this book are the pre-teenagers and teenagers who struggle to cop up with the benefits of reading (not all, of course). This book is a combination of motivational tips with illustrations and diagrams meant to help them. However, I’d urge parents or non-parents to take a look at this book.

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