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BOOK REVIEW: Fearless and Free by Wendy Sachs

Published by Amacom Books | My Rating: 4/5

Often these days we see books with catchy covers that are entitled to one half of our species. Then many of us from the other half disown the notion of reading that book even though we know that it will do good to us, we will gather some better thoughts for our intellectual and conscience from that book. There isn’t any gender gap at start when we are naive. It’s a seed sown inside our heads. This is what we teach and preach from then on and that’s how our children begin to differ. And then it becomes a problem.

Both women and men are human beings. One species! How can someone differentiate between the workings of the two? I tell you to disown the “disowning notion” right now. Start it today. Start by reading some books like Wendy Sachs’s Fearless and Free: How Smart Women pivot & relaunch their careers.

In this book Wendy suggests that we all need to think more like entrepreneurs to seek and seize opportunities. Take risks. Don’t overthink each and every decision you take or make. Simply, just act. Wendy Sachs encounters a wide range of women in this book who have overcome their fears and failures to reinvent themselves and their lives around themselves. Some of the encounters include Jill Ambramson, Aminatou Sow, Naama Bloom of HelloFlo.

On seeing the book cover, I got hooked and knew this book would be a good read. From the title or the cover of the book you may think this book is intended towards women and it is, but this book has a general outlook of coping in today’s ever changing surroundings. I would recommend this book to wives and their husbands, to all those people in management and to women in general, to think about Wendy Sachs written words, to manage consistently developing your skill-set and integrating them in your work and life.

This book will be out on 7 Feb, 2017 Published by Amacom Books

About Author: Wendy Sachs

Wendy Sachs is an Emmy award-winning network television producer, former Capitol Hill press secretary, editor-in-chief of, media relations executive, and the author of “Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot and Relaunch their Careers.” The book will be published by AMACOM in February 2017.

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This book will be out on 7 Feb, 2017 Published by Amacom Books

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