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Top Posts of 2016!

In terms of blogging, 2016 was a wonderful year for this blog and me. What I did the whole year? Well, I read books, blogged about them, met new bloggers, and read their intriguing blog posts.

This post is about blog “posts”. The post you read, liked, shared and gave me your lovely feedback. This post is a reminder of all that. Here’s the curated list:

Old is Gold

These blog posts were published in before 2015, yet they were popular among the readers of Confessions of a Readaholic.

New Posts that Got Popular this year

Happy Reading

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3 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2016!”

  1. Thanks. You have inspired a new reading goal for me since I was running short. I am going to see how many countries I can read a book from. Started with that crazy Finnish “Rabbit Back Literature Society.”


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