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My 500th Blog Post


500 posts feel like little piece of milestone. I wasn’t looking to this when I started blogging. 

Blogging has definitely changed my life

Blogging has definitely changed my life in these ways:

  • Its a door that leads to many more doors.
  • It gave me my first opportunity to get published as poet.
  • Blogging has help to revive my reading habit and stick to it no matter what.

  • Through blogging, I have learned the consistency needed to do something for longer period of time. I have been blogging for four years now.
  • I have made a few friends too and most of my fellow bloggers have been very generous to me.

What I am looking forward to?

  • More books to read, more books to review and more author interviews.
  • Publishing useful stuff.
  • A little bit of extra consistency.
  • Writing for Publications and other blogs, though I have already started contributing.


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30 thoughts on “My 500th Blog Post”

  1. That’s a great achievement, Amandeep.. I’m getting closer…303 posts. If you love reading you are welcome to review any of my books. I just won Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest and received a stellar review of “Confessions Of An Honest Man.” Yes, I’m pushing it. I have to. My books are like my children and they haven’t learned to walk on their own yet. Link to “Confessions”:

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