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A Curated list of Kindle/Ereaders posts from this blog

I remember when I read my first ebook on a mobile phone, it was not so smart like nowadays phones, the glowing screen in the darkness of night made me interested in books to a higher extent to continue both the habits of reading and eReading. Years, have passed since that night and now I own a smartphone and a personal eReader as well. My appetite of reading books has grown over the years and to satisfy it, both the formats: physical and electronic, have helped me. Some might not agree with me over ebooks and few might still be indulged in the Battle of Physical Books vs E-Books. But I must say, after all, it’s a matter of choice and opinion. You can stick with books that have an aroma inside them that cannot or haven’t (as to my knowledge) been converted in a saleable fragrance. Or you can get best of both the worlds.

Various times on this blog, I have discussed in multiple posts about ebooks and devices that are used to read ebooks: eReaders. Thus, here is a list of posts so far I have covered on this blog regarding the matter of eReaders.

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6 thoughts on “A Curated list of Kindle/Ereaders posts from this blog”

  1. Great post! I like to use both. However, for reviewing I do you like having any reader that I can highlight and make notes etc.
    I can still use stickies or post-its in the physical book but it’s not as easy to make notes.
    Thank you for the links. Happy reading!


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