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How a Mindset can affect your life?

A book about the growth mindset and how it relates to success by looking everything in life as a learning opportunity.

For twenty years, my research has shown that the view you adopt of yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. – Carol Dweck

A belief limits our potential or enables our success. Dweck’s research proves how a simple belief can guide nearly every part of our lives. It influences our self-awareness, self-esteem, creativity, ability to face challenges, and our resilience to setbacks.

She starts with an explanation in that why it’s not just our talent and abilities that bring us success but how we approach them with a primary type of mindset. Mindset, Dweck further describes are of two types:

  • fixed
  • growth

Fixed and Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset roots from the belief that your qualities and intelligence are set at birth and are unchanging. For a fixed mindset, characteristics such as intelligence, personality and creativity are fixed traits rather than something that can be developed with an effort. For a fixed mindset, intelligence is directly proportional to success and if you succeed, then only you are smart. Effort has little or no value and to assure your ‘smartness’, you have to continue to succeed.

However, a growth mindset develops from the belief your characteristic traits can change and improve with effort. Much emphasis is given on ‘effort’. Having a growth mindset encourages learning, practice and application to new challenges. Here, criticism is seen here as a valuable feedback and openly embraced.

Dweck’s Conclusion: The Middle-ground

It’s possible to be somewhere in the middle with the two primarily types of mindsets. Your mindset may vary in different areas of lives and your view maybe different for talent, intelligence, personality and creativity. Whatever mindset your practice, will guide you though.

My Take

Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going. – Carol Dweck

Being aware of our own mindset is the key from taking decisions to changing our beliefs and seek new challenges in our lives. Think about it. Which side mindsets rules and when, observe it carefully. It will help you in becoming more self-aware. Take a look this infographic provided at the end on the book, courtesy of Nigel Holmes:


I did find the writing a bit dry. I think Dweck does a fantastic job in implanting the core idea of mindset but her writing, somewhere in between, did not work out for me. Even though, I recommend you reading this book.

4 out of 5!

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10 thoughts on “How a Mindset can affect your life?”

  1. One of the true surprises about becoming old is how my brain continues to grow and accept new ideas to replace outdated ones. Haven’t read the book, but the concept you say it describes sounds good.


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