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Social Media for Book Bloggers


When it comes to promoting my blog, I find social media platforms beneficial. Though, there are so many social media platforms that it becomes overwhelming for me at times. I lose my focus, and a few times it had led to blogging slump.

I advise you to not to lose your focus and introduce yourself into a slump. For a start, concentrate on a number of sites that you think will be beneficial for your blog promotion and long term networking. This way you can focus on growing your network of followers on those particular platforms. Of course, you don’y have to pick handful of social media sites. If you love social media, and want to use all of them, go ahead and do that! Personally, for me, I feel that it’s easier and more beneficial to start with a small number.

Do make sure you do not spend too much of your time on social media. Social media has purpose and is useful but not as much worth of your time as to create content for your blog. You must attain a balance between the two.

I personally am focusing on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. Pick your own social media sites that you enjoy using.


I love Twitter. I am consistently active and have a growing network of fellow bloggers and tech enthusiasts. It is my number one social media site. I find the ease of communication as platform Twitter provides, very useful. I have contacted a number of authors for interview. I use Twitter not only for this blog but for other publications and community blogs I write such as & RisingStack Community.

Twitter is not much time consuming. You can schedule tweets, and promote your blog posts. Availability of adding graphics when promoting posts is what I find handy.


As a book lover and blogger, I admire Goodreads. It’s the part and parcel of both the worlds. I use Goodreads to track my books, review books, follow authors, and find new books to read.

Goodreads is helpful as a tool if you review books. A way to promote your blog is that you can include the link of the review that you posted on your blog when reviewing the same book on Goodreads. This will direct readers to your site.

If you are getting started on Goodreads, make sure to include a link to your blog in your Goodreads profile.


Only a few months back I created a Facebook Page for my blog. The reason I created it is for the readers and users who are active on my blog can stay connected with my blog’s regular updates.

Facebook offers various ways to promote your blog including scheduling posts and promoting a blog post or your blog’s facebook page as a whole to a large number of audience.


If you are a fan of writing Book Lists on various topics related to books, you must use Reddit. I have recently started using it’s subreddit /r/booklists. Reddit offers two ways to share a post either in the form a text or a link. To share your blog posts, you will use link option.

Not only have I shared my book lists, I have found some interesting lists and titles to add to my TBR there.

What social media sites do you use for your blog? Do you stick to a smaller number, or try to do them all? What social media is your favorite, and which is the one that brings most people to your blog?

Thanks for reading!

ME On SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFOMRS: Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook


17 thoughts on “Social Media for Book Bloggers”

  1. Oh my, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Like you I stick mostly to Twitter (though I’m not a huge fan), Facebook, and Goodreads (I’m pretty sure I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on that one). I’m not a book blogger, but I am writer and a regular blogger. Like most writers, I am an introvert and I find I have to be careful with my social media time because even virtual interaction wears me down after a while. I’m in book promotion mode at the moment, too, which means I’m working harder than usual to maintain my online presence. I love people, but I’m tired. I just want to crawl back into my hidey hole office in the basement and write a book.

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  2. Thank you . This is very useful for bloggers like me . Even I am active on twitter , Facebook and Goodreads and j think they can give a good exposure to the book bloggers .

    Thank you for the great post

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  3. Very interesting read. I find sites very distracting and to easy to get sidetracked. I find I am getting overcrowded with notifications am planning a little housekeeping soon. A post I read sometime ago mentioned not getting to caught up in numbers. Quality not quantity.
    Great post.

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  4. It’s wonderful that there are so many avenues for bloggers to get their writings out. I am content with present limited on-line presence, but I think your tips are very helpful if I ever decide to expand.

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  5. Thanks for the blog, I was unaware of reddit, will definitely check it out. I also stick to facebook, goodreads and twitter and I find twitter most useful as it aides heavily on connecting to fellow bloggers and authors.


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