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BOOK REVIEW: Beyond by Anmol Chawla

Published by Notion Press

334 Pages

Beyond: A Meaningful Journey by Anmol Chawla revolves around three youngsters and three middle-age men who are seeking answers to questions that have troubled the human mind since the brink of evolution. Coincidently, the nature strikes a disaster which leads them to a person who might know all the answers to their troubles. He is busy making social wealth by creating incredible social entrepreneurial systems. His strong intention unites them all, for one ultimate cause.

This book documents the journey of all six characters as they learn their lessons by action and thinking. This is a philosophical work that will ask you questions along with the characters thought out. It needs your attention. It’s something different, a blend of fiction and philosophy with contemporary storyline and characters which makes the plot as realistic as it could be.

The overall characterisation is engrossing and consumes a major amount of a reader’s attention. They are the genesis of the plot and narration. The narrative voice has no problem to keep up with the pace of this book however, it might seem a bit of drag to some as the length of the book could have been a bit shorter. The setting of the book gives a flavour of major contemporary India. If you are looking to read something that’s written by an Indian author and storyline is based in the country itself, you must consider reading this book. The writing style is simple, lucid and very descriptive.

As I mentioned earlier, since this book is a blend of fiction and philosophy, which I personally consider a hard task both for the writer and the reader to grasp. Surprisingly, the pace of the book copes extremely well with this mixture of genres. I was not expecting that at all when I lay my hands on the book. It takes an effort to what Anmol has done here with his craftsmanship and needs to appreciated by reading it.

4 out of 5

Disclaimer: I received a reading copy but that doesn’t have any impression on this review.

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