Rewarded: Best Book Blog in India 2017

Best Blogs In India

Thank you Incomeboy

This is an informal gratitude post and I’d like to thank for the honour of nominating and rewarding Confessions of a Readaholic,  the blog you are currently reading, among the best Book Blogs in India, 2017. It shows that my readers are willing to trust me over their next book read. This is very generous of you all. I want to give the gratitude back by thanking each and every reader of this blog for keeping your trust in me.

I’ll keep reading and recommending you books and in hope that you will find them useful and interesting.

What is Incomeboy?

Incomeboy is a resource run by a good hearted Ankur Aggarwal to teach you 100% genuine and working proven tactics and strategies to create an online business and then generating a passive income.

These strategies have worked for him and hence he will tell you exact steps to help you as well.​

You can know more about Incomeboy and Ankur Aggarwal here.

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