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BOOK REVIEW: The Tree with a Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta


Realistic Fiction is becoming a trend these days among the readers and why not? If written beautifully, these type of stories which are an offspring of real incidents in the contemporary world have a lot to offer and reader can relate to them often. One is The Tree with a Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta released right in the end of last year, based in war ridden Kashmir.

The book has a unique storyline. Incidents happen after one another, but that’s not all. It’s the storyline that is engrossing and any reader will be hooked with it. This book is set in Kashmir from 1990 to 2013 depicts the lives of three childhood friends. Even though the belong to different religion, they share the same kind of culture in their surroundings when growing up. Everything is fine until a revolt breaks in where two communities are blood shedding each other a cause of political tension. This is the genesis of the contemporary used by the author in this book.

What more, the lives of all three children and many other surrounding them is changed forever. The novel describes how a heaven looking place like Kashmir Valley has become one of the most conflicted zone and reflects a universal truth the closely resembles collateral damage. Twenty years later, the paths meet again and three of them are at crossroads in their own lives.

The storyline described above is supported by a fast paced, multi layered narration with high amount of thrill. I was hooked from early chapters and could not take my eyes off the context. The characters cope up well with fast paced narration. There are strong characters apart from the three protagonists as well and are as realistic as they could be, I feel. Ending really is surprise package for me as I certainly did not expect it to happen in that way.

It’s a tale with a strong contemporary plot that will make a reader think about it for a long time.

4 out of 5!

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