I am open to Book Review Requests

Hi People,

I’ll keep this short. I have been blogging now for four years and I have written numerous book reviews, interviewed some of the best selling authors (like The Martian’s Andy Weir). I publicly announce that I am open to give my honest feedback over your book/manuscript in the form a review.


The reason is simple and distinctive: I want to explore more genres and help writers at the same time. There are many books out there that are underrated in terms of audience and appreciation. We, the readers, all love a jolly good book but sometimes a good amount of books fail to reach us. I want to help such books and their masters.

Before you ask, I am a big fan of interesting plots/storylines and characters instead of genres.


Of course, there is only one thing for you to consider. Before sending me a request: YOU MUST read the review policy!

Note: I am also offering promotional and advertisement offers for writers to promote their books and spread the words among the readers associated with Confessions of a Readaholic only for a limited period of time.

That’s all folks, looking forward to your email. 

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11 thoughts on “I am open to Book Review Requests”

  1. Hi Aman, I’m working on my next book, its going to be released towards the end of the year. “Ghosts on the Sand and other chilling tales” Can’t wait to send it to you for your review. Keep up the good work.



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