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BOOK REVIEW: Is it the last Call? by Tarak Koley

Published: 2017

Pages: 198, Paperback

Cover Rating: 5/5

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Abir a fickle-minded, aimless guy comes in acquaintance with Sunanda through facebook. Sunanda is totally different by nature from Abir. After spending few days in facebook they fall in love in spite of their social barrier. As Sunanda has never revealed her face before meeting to each other, Abir becomes speechless when he meet with her first time after two months of their relationship. Abir turns into a different guy, he starts to quit all his bad habit for the benefit of his relationship.

After facing too many family problems they never leave each other. Their love, their feelings to each other, touches in an exceptional level day by day. Their sacrifices, their personal moment builds their relationship stronger. After the journey of their one and a half years relationship, they do break up. Sunanda puts the family reason for break up, which Abir never try to accept that. Finally, their relationship ends in a very bad manner.

The elegantly formed plot is all about the way it concludes in this book. Yes, there are minor turns but a twist in the end changed my perception of the book. Okay, this might sound a spoiler but it is important for you, the reader, to know that it I am not spoiling this for you. It’s a love story and hardly many love stories these days rely on emotional theme rather than dwelling into sensual pleasures of characters.

The pace of the plot is fast and you will be able to finish it no time. Written using first person narrative expression the writing style of the author is simple yet witty. If you are looking to read something not too heavy or need a feather touch to your emotional base, this book is for you.

4 out of 5!

Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules.

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