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BOOK REVIEW: The Fragrance of Rose by Chirajit Paul

Pages: 240 Pages, Paperback

Published: 2017

Cover Rating: 5/5

Plot is highly intriguing, one of the best I have read this year.

Rinita Bose Lost her father at an early age and her mother after few years. Being an ordinary middle class girl, she witnessed harsh realities and darkness of life in a drunkard father, a lecherous boss, a scheming producer and a friend. Men who eye women to satisfy their desire of lust. In a twist of fate, she picks up enmity with a powerful man and flees the city. She switches careers and hides her identity behind the grab of Rose to make a place in Bollywood. She earns money, fame, adulation and success. But love eludes her. Will Rinita be able to find the love she craves for? The question this book tries to solve.

The storyline is sectioned in three parts that elaborates three phases of life of our protagonist, Rinita Bose. They describe these harsh realities, the changes Rinita come across to achieve success but also those challenges that mould her into someone she could never think of. The plot is highly likeable and extremely well organised. The book uses adult or erotic element to describe some of its content but this element is not the genesis.

The plot is fast paced, smooth and at the same time helps the protagonist to develop maturely in a reader’s mind. The struggle of this woman along with all the evilness, the storyline evaluates on a moral background and Karma values. If there’s an element of bad humanity out there, there are good people too, to balance out.

The third person narration copes very well with the pace of the plot and makes it more gripping than before. It touches a readers heart, as it did mine, through a sensitive theme that is unfortunately a reality and author has done a great job in capturing the snapshots of just that through his imagination and then with his words.

If you are looking to engage with a book that showcase a moral characteristic of our own society, this one is definitely to go.

5 out of 5. Recommended!

Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules.

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