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BOOK REVIEW: Psycon by Varun Tejwani

Published: April, 2017

Pages: 236

Cover Rating: 4/5

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When I picked Varun Tejwani’s new book PSYCON, I was amazed by how simple yet curiosity arousing cover filled with darkness. Cover does play an important role in attracting a reader towards the book and conveys the message before any page is flip. I expected the same with the plot of this book.

The plot revolves around an IT department suffering from corruption. State elections are on the edge of time and the IT department is chasing down tax evaders to curb the menace of black money, party funds begin to dry up. Two characters, Prateek and Yashwardhan get involves in the ruling party’s regime and con their way out with massive wealth.

This plot hugely depends on the element of Political thriller and through this element, the book drives forward. As I mentioned, the darkness is there to be seen in the plot and it really excites me that author has done a good job with blending the element of thriller with politics, that too using surreal instances which does spice it up.

The writing style is worthy of all appraise. Varun’s sense of the language does help to drive this book forward, written in simple words, not a single complex element to be found that might take the reader off the track. Due to this the book can be read and enjoy by the reader in no time. I did not find any dragging elements as some world-famous authors who write in the similar genre, use the element to fill up the pages and many a times, bore up the reader.

4 out of 5!

Note: This book is available in both paperback and e-book format and the royalty made due its sale by the author is generously delivered to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund of IndiaHats off to the author from me for that. You can buy the book here.


Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules.

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6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Psycon by Varun Tejwani”

  1. I don’t think I can count the number of times I actually bought a book because of the cover (and at times was really disappointed by the actual book lol 😂). This sounds like a good read though, and the cover certainly looks pretty foreboding. Great review 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think the majority of readers rely on a book’s cover design before they crack it open. I’m definitely guilty of this! However, I have read books in the past that were beautifully written…but had horrible covers. So I’ve learned that judging a book’s worth by the front cover design isn’t an effective strategy (but what else do I have to go on in a book store? lol).

    Anyway, this sounds like a great read! I like reading political thrillers just as much as I like watching them in movies. 🙂

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