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BOOK REVIEW: Mary Poser by Angel A.

Pages: 478

Publication Date: 21 August, 2017

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Angel A’s Mary Poser: Butterflies and white lies as Bollywood comes to Nashville is set in Western town of Nashville (you should have guessed from the title) in which we follow the protagonist, Mary Poser, a 23 year old daughter of a Pastor, living a modest life,  falls in love with an Anglo-Indian Bollywood director. It tries to offer a recipe that combines fun, humorous, dramatic romance and bold life choices to make this an entertaining one.

There is not much in the story line to discuss apart from what I mentioned before, and I will continue till we reach the verdict. This book is written in first person narrative with reader being constantly engaged with the main character. The storyline is devoted quite heavily on the religious aspects which at some point can be uninteresting for a reader to be engaged with it. The narrative flow and pace of the plot is addictive and well groomed.

I appreciate the way Angel A. has injected humorous elements in the plot as well as the endearing moments between the two characters, Mary and the Bollywood director which are the particular highlights of the this book in the particular genre of Romance.

There aren’t much plot issues apart from the religious one. The characters are not that strongly blended as I expected after having a good plot. The theme of outcasting and racism could have been portrayed in a better manner than the way they are reflected, may be then, the love between characters would have been a bit stronger.

The author’s writing is flawless and very up to the mark. Her style does posses a distinct voice in the form of first-person narration. Good blend of cultures, well researched on this point, I have to say and a very diverse approach to the particular genre. I appreciate her work on this behalf.

Nonetheless, if you are fan of romance-fiction genre, you might consider reading this book since it certainly brings a new texture in terms of the plot, a different kind of approach that is trying to break into the American Fiction literature for some time now.

3 out of 5!

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