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BOOK REVIEW: Game of Wit and Chance by R. Scott Tyler

Pages: 160

Published: 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Cover Rating: 5/5

First in the trilogy of Smuggles in Paradise is set in the post World War II to era. Gilberto Ramos, originally from Philippines, leaves United States to return to his beloved homeland. Newly wedded with an American wife, Sophia, happily joins him on his journey to satisfy her own wanderlust. Soon they have bear four children and raising them with all the love a family can offer with the help of music and the sea surrounding them.

All four children have their consciousness focused in four different directions. One wants to satisfy his own wanderlust, just like his mother, one wants to own the world with ways and values that were not a part of his upbringing. Then from the two younger ones, one loves music and other wants to simply live. Each of them move on towards their destinations with determination. Here is the essence of the novel. Author drives the storyline as each of these characters lives unfold in front of us, readers, and continues to do so till 1980s. The setting of the plot in South East Asia is intriguing as well.

The writing style is flawless and smooth. One will be able to finish this book in no time. I was hooked by Tyler’s writing from the first page. With the element of unpredictable plot, he certainly knows how drive a story forward while maintaining the interest of a reader.

The characterisation is at its best. Each of the major characters have something to offer. Their consequences whether tragic or not depending on their life choices and the bonding between the siblings is something that every reader will be left to wonder.

After a long time I have come across a trilogy that can satisfy my desire to read the complete series. I am looking forward to review the other two parts remaining and will update you accordingly.

The plot along with the characterisation and narrative voice does fall under the similarities of Jeffry Archer’s Clifton Chronicles. I recommend this book if you are looking to read something of an exotic location and from a timeline that is mesmerizing.

4 out of 5


Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank them for their effort with all my heart.

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