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BOOK REVIEW: Psychology of Choosing, River Running by R Scott Tyler

Pages: 149

Published: 2017 by Griffonneur Press

Cover Rating: 5/5

The third book in the trilogy of Smugglers in Paradise is set in the contemporary world. After going through 50 years of the Ramos family and two generations, Tyler take his readers back in United States for an exceptionally well finale.

The title of the book does justice to these whole trilogy. From the first part not a single reader can fail to notice that the sea has a major role to play in this series. All characters one or the other connected to this natural element.

I’ll keep this short. I don’t want to give you insights or spoilers such that it may ruin your interest but at the same time I want to continue to feed your curiosity. The Psychology of Choosing, River Running is a novel that has much to focus with the third generation of Ramos family. Boris, continues to pursue his illegal business ventures at a larger scale now with increase in the variety of ventures. He is at the verge of his final game until someone smarter than him makes a remarkable discovery that leads to his ugly game. What happens next is for you to find out.

The plot is fast paced unlike the previous two novels in this trilogy and is set in United States. The narrative voice is as amusing and strong as ever. There is a thrilling element that drives the book.

With the introduction of new set of characters that play a major role in outplaying Boris in his ugly game, but now without help of some previous characters such as Konnor and Marge. This is what I like in a series, that sometimes even the timeline changes, you let your older characters play a part surprising the reader. However, to do so, I think the foundation of characters from the genesis of the plot does matter. This book and the trilogy are a great example of that.

4 out of 5!

Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank them for their effort with all my heart.

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