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BOOK REVIEW: Aha to All in- Life Lessons From an Unexpected Entrepreneur by Jonathan Hagmaier

Pages: 212, Kindle Edition

Published: June 2017

Cover Rating: 2/5

Aha to All in by Jonathan Hagmaier and his co-authors William Long and Jeffrey Smith is not only a memoir of Jonathan’s entrepreneurial phase of life but also contains many lessons that have he struggled and conquered during his journey.

The whole book is divided in three parts across 25 chapters starting from Jonathan’s idea and how he struggled to execute that idea into a reality by developing a business to improve the academic performance of at-risk students with his co-founders. Each chapter ends with key points or takeaways further divided in two sections: The Ahas and All-ins. All the Ahas are directed towards people who find themselves on the same journey as Jonathan himself. All fellow and budding entrepreneurs can benefit from these key takeaways. The All-ins part is my favorite that makes you, the reader, to think and directed to anyone, not particularly “the entrepreneurs”. These include some great questions that the author wants you to think carefully about life and work around it.

Another part I enjoyed is the in-depth inner workings of his business. He talks about the difficulties he faced in the organization and I think not many entrepreneurs do that these days. It is essential and sometimes a boost for someone how your words may have an effect.

While reading the book I observed, sometimes Hagmaier went off-topic or I should say off-context which is quite distracting if the main context of the book one is quietly indulged with. The book is written in first person narrative and with a steady pace. You might want to take your time with it as it does offers you valuable insights from the life of an “unexpected” entrepreneur.

4 out of 5

Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank them for their effort with all my heart.

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