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BOOK REVIEW: The Search of the Myth by Prithviraj Desai

Pages: 256, Paperback
Published: July 2017 by Notion Press
Cover Rating: 4/5

Blend of history with right amount of suspense and adventure.

The adventure starts with an idea of deciphering the context by the protagonist and the surrounding characters in the pages of The Search of the Myth written by Prithviraj Desai who take his readers in the historical times of the Wreck of Grosvernor, sailing ship that used to operate under East India Company in 1780s. This wreck left a secret in the hands of a survivor which was supposed to be delivered to the King of England at that time, but is kept chasing throughout the history.

Soon, the lives of two students of history in a college at London are in turmoil as they find that secret in their hands, a hurdle so dirty and bloody that both of them unknowingly agree upon to cross and reveal what was left unexplored and now a mystery for three centuries and almost similar amount of decades ago.

Since East India Company had its dwellings in South East Asia, and much more in the Indian Subcontinent making themselves the accountant for half of the world’s trade for commodities including salt, cotton, silk, dye, tea and opium. After finding and deceiving a gang who are after these two girls are protagonists travel to India and with the help of local try to solve this mystery. To find what was revealed in the end, you’ll have to read this book.

I think in above, I emphasised much on the storyline as I could, and trying to keep it spoiler free, I can say that I enjoyed the plot thoroughly. It starts at the a very high note that fills a reader like me, with thrill and eager to turn up the pages as fast as I can by leaving nothing behind. That said, it is a real page turner.

The book drives forward with third person narrative voice and the writer also make use of a technique that is mostly in plays and is hard or almost rare to find in contemporary fiction, irrespective of the genre. The author has used dialogue formation between the characters to drive the plot forward which is the core of its page turning or fast paced quality.

The characterisation overall is good as some of the characters are well-formed while others could have been a more in-depth to engage the readers. You never know which character becomes adorable for the reader until and unless you provide some amount of details that concern that character alone. On reading this novel, I think the protagonist is a just way of introducing the plot. This piece of fiction if more of a team work of characters rather than a single or a particular characters is worthy of receiving much of the applause as they soon are bound by the adventure they and us, the readers share. This is again not so common practiced way of writing but is enjoyable at the most and that is the exact case with this book.

The writing style is not compelling enough to match the other qualities this book possess. I do think, however, the pace of the plot and its adventurous nature overshadow that prospect.

This book is a way to go only if you interested in history or adventure or looking for a mixture of both and seeking a page turner along.

3 out of 5

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Note: I received this book from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank them for their effort with all my heart.

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