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Book Review: The Happiness of Pursuit of Chris Guillebeau

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The Happiness of Pursuit of Chris Guillebeau is memoir that tries to guide and inspire any reader holding it between in his hands. For those unfamiliar, Guillebeau rose to fame after proclaiming and pursuing his life quest of visiting almost every country on Earth before the age of 30. He has authored some books on his journey and quests are positioned to help anyone who want to fulfil a quest of there, whether starting something, travelling, travelling and working along.

In this book, Guillebeau narrates his own tale of the quest along with other anecdotes that inspired him or those pursuing their own quests. These questers varies from a suburban mom pursuing a wildly ambitious culinary project, a DJ producing the world’s largest symphony, a young widower completing the tasks his wife would never accomplish, and a teenager crossing an entire ocean alone – as well as a do-it-yourselfer tackling M.I.T.’s computer-science course, a nerd turning himself into real-life James Bond, and scores of others writing themselves into the record books.

I enjoyed the start of the book. Chris tells about himself in a story mode but as the book and anecdotes are introduced I think, that story telling technique, even it is a non-fiction but still a book, fades away. However, his way of examining of other’s quest is fascinating.

This book is unlike other Guillebeau’s books. It tries to be self-help guide but is not. The takeaway here is his own story which is inspiring and is more of a memoir, unlike others books written by him.

3 out of 5


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