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BOOK REVIEW: The Tao of Fully Feeling – Harvesting Forgiveness out of Blame by Pete Walker

Pages: 295, Kindle Edition

The Tao of Fully Feeling is the best companion I have found to read in the Dark Times.

I got this book as a recommendation from another blogger who convinced me that Pete Walker’s writing is extraordinary. On reading the book, not only I found his vocabulary pleasing but as well as his writing style and the message he wants to convey through his written words.

The subject matter of this book is all about acknowledging one’s emotional intelligence. If you remember Daniel Goleman’s bestseller and and one of the first books on Emotional Intelligence or why EQ matters more than IQ, this book is written for modern times and is a step ahead. While Daniel talks about the science of brain and the origin of Emotions or the process of emoting, Walker in his book speaks for all of us. He share his own stories for in the form of anecdotes on how repaired his own emotional nature with enough pragmatic advices and scenarios for us to read.

The author tackles a difficult subject matter and then breaks it down into digestible chunks. Each section is a kernel of wisdom to be taken in and then revisited as needed. It’s well-written and highly relatable covering topics such as forgiveness, fake forgiveness, importance of grieving, feeling og ambivalence and self-compassion in much detail.

Another appreciable topic that author discusses the dysfunctional families and the abuse a child suffer that has lasting effect on their mental health. His focus for the reader to follow along is to safely acknowledge on emotional healing of the lost childhood. The concept he builds is a step by step process but not that long and is easy to follow. The importance of unviolently grieving, taking out all the anger and sadness in form of unharming actions and cleaning out one’s thought process for the subject matter. His emphasis on thoughts and how they drive most of our life is enough and pragmatic. He states that: Repressing our emotions creates anxiety and stress, and stress, like most of our emotions is often treated like some unwanted waste that must be removed. Until all of the emotions are accepted indiscriminately (and acceptance does not imply license to dump emotions irresponsibly or abusively), there can be no wholeness, no real sense of well being, and no solid sense of self esteem.

The writing style is good with an extraordinary vocabulary and is easy to follow. His manner is calm, like meditating and does not force any type of philosophy upon its reader. I urge you to take a look at this book and learn the modern (I like to call it modern, because traditional therapists do not appreciate or give the similar advice Pete provides in his writing,  at least not where I live and I think these are more efficient) ways of appreciating your emotions and feelings caused by them. I loved this book, and reading it is like taking a step towards a healthier self.

5 out of 5!

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