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BOOK REVIEW: A Life to Die For by Nilay Shah

Pages: 334, Paperback

Published: 2017

Cover Rating: 5/5

I love reading complex plot structures. Not only it is clear view of writer’s imagination on how far they can push things inside their head and then put it in writing, but are a  challenging for a reader’s mind. Such is Nilay Shah’s latest book, A Life To Die For. A political thriller with a great amount of action.

Based on a fictional representation of controversial state in the country of India, Kashwarg is is considered a paradise. The plot starts at an interesting point when a man who is the member of a militant force hands over a sixteen year old girl to the local police. The girl has been a captive for many years with only walls and a glimpse of light in the room by a man who is now being searched as a monster. The girl seemed to have psychological effects and there are signs of sexual abuse. The highest political authority of the country forms an investigation committee to resolve the matter by going in depth. Based on Fidelity and Honesty Measure of Individualism (FHMI, an interesting concept) few people are shortlisted to be the part of this mission.

The plot then follows Aryaman Zaffar’s (the guy saves the girl) adventures, represented as the pawn for the reader to dwell into the story and experience various aspects of this political thriller.  The whole country is forming their own opinions based on the matter of what is known to them in search of freedom from all the political drama. With many subplots that mislead just as in real political misleading and set in some future years then present timeline, I invite you take a look a look what is a clear representation of reality that is going on for many years in the form of writing.

I am not going to dwell more into the storyline since I fear a reader might lose the interest. The first few chapters in this story are clearly the building blocks of the whole book. The third person narrative voice works so well with the amount of characters and action packed plot. The twisted nature of political element is at its fine display in this book.

The characterisation overall is good, I like that the focus on main cast of characters is equally distributed. The writing style has no flaw and after reading this book, neither the author’s imagination and creative process. However, I do think some of the sub plots could have been less twisted for the reader to follow the main plot in a smooth manner. The complexity is really enjoyable nonetheless for a reader’s mind.

4 out of 5!


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