Want to advertise on this blog?

if advertising on Confessions of a Readaholic interests you then please email: amandeepmittal (at) live (dot) com

This blog provides two different variants for advertising your book(s), exclusive cover reveals or merchandise (related to books & stuff) or advertise yourself (as an author).

First Variant: Top Corner Sidebar

  • Top Corner sidebar ad 250 x 250!
  • Ads in .png, or .jpg form are only accepted. Flash images are not permitted.
  • Ads must all link back to a website where visitors can check out the promoted product/book/service.


  • Price: One U.S. Dollar per day
  • If you want to advertise for more than one day, prices may vary


If you are interested, then email me: amandeepmittal (at) live (dot) com

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