Interview with Adelle Waldman for Graffiti Magazine | Author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P

Brian Conaghan | Author of When Mr. Dog Bites | Full Q&A

Madhuri Blaylock | Author of  The Sanctum series | Full Q&A

 Kevin Thomas | Author of Horn! | Q&A

Andy Weir | Author of The Martian | Q&A

Laura van den Berg | Author of Find Me | Q&A

Amrita Chatterjee | Author of Special Lassi | Q&A

Shweta Taneja | Author of Cult of Chaos | Q&A


Abbie Taylor | Q&A

Mat Guy | Author of Another Bloody Saturday | Q&A

Dan Buri | Q&A

Aditi Bose | Author of My Dream Man | Q&A

Varsha Dixit | Q&A


Yolanda De Iuliis | Author of Know Thyself |  Q&A

Jean Nicole Rivers | Q&A

Tiffany McDaniel | Q&A


Andrew Joyce | Q&A

Robert Eggleton | Q&A

Mike C. Tuggle (Author of The Genie Hunt) | Q & A


Anmol Chawla (Author of Beyond) | Q & A

Christopher Brookmyre | Q & A

Sindhu Rajasekaran | Q & A

Roswitha Joshi | Q & A

Shreyas Bhave | Q & A

Ashutosh Mishra | Q & A

Lakshmi Narayan | Q & A

Pooja Mishra QnA

Jamal Merchant

Anita Shirodkar

Jyotika Teckchandani

Kalyan Kankanala


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