Book Lists

Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in 2017: February | March | April | May | June

Books to Read from 90s Part 2

Social Media for Book Bloggers

Fiction Books to Read This Spring and Summer (2017)

5 Books Every Blogger Should Read

A Curated List of Kindle/Ereader posts from this blog

Top Fiction Books I read in 2016

Top Non-Fiction Books I read in 2016: Part 1 | Part 2

4 CyberPunk Books to read

5 SFF Books You have to read in 2016

5 Books on Sports I read in 2015

5 Books on Writers and Writing

5 Books on Reading Books 

5 Crime Fiction Novels

5 Classics I read in 2015

Five David Foster Wallace Essays You should Read

5 Books to Feed Your Brain

A Glimpse of The World with Detectives

Chris McCandless Reading List

Ten Books in 2015- A Half Yearly List

Five Football/Soccer Books You Should Read This Summer

Five Dystopian Novels To Read

Five Anthony Trollope Books You Should Read

Five Books to Read If You Are Waiting for True Detective Season 2

Four Books to read on Vincent van Gogh

22 Things I learnt by the Time I turned 22

Authors I Have Read

Books betiding into Movies in 2015- Part 2

Books betiding into Movies in 2015- Part 1

Five Objects I have used as Bookmarks

Seven Books Turning 10 

Ten Poetry To Read list

Best MOBILE Reading Apps

Books on Insomnia list

What James Franco Reads list

21 Signs that You’re Addicted to Reading

10 Stories to Read at The New Yorker

Five Habits of an Efficient Reader

Five Things to Learn from Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Five Ways to Stay Creative on a Weekend

Five Things Annoying to a Reader

Ten ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ inspired items

Ten Books to Read at the Time of FIFA World Cup

Top Ten Books Read in 2014 Midway List

Top Ten Authors Read in 2013

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 Midway List

Ten Books to Read Before 2012 List

Books From Different Decades…





Books To Read in…











19 thoughts on “Book Lists”

      1. You have a whole lot of books recommendation that’s why!! 😀 I want to read as much as I can this year! Last year was quite blah for me!
        That ‘aid’ was ‘raid’ btw in case you didn’t read my last comment. Typooo!


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