Hi y’all! I’m honoured and glad that you are considering me to review your novel!

I am currently not open to review requests. You are most welcome to contact me to review your book in future. At the moment lots going on with me. Though, I’ll appreciate if you read this page as it contain details regarding what I accept and what I don’t. Don’t want to waste your time, nor mine.

Things I accept

  • Physical copy of books (paperback/hardcover)
  • ARC

Things I Don’t Accept

  • Audiobooks

Generally, Genres I read

  • Contemporary/Realistic
  • Crime/Detective/Mystery
  • Historical
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Sci-Fi
  • Literary
  • YA
  • Post-Moderninsm
  • Non-Fiction

My Rating System?

Introducing levels 5 to 1, where 5 being the highest I can offer.

5 — Recommended!/Go buy this book

4 — Good read, but with little flaws in it

3 — Will only read it once

2 — It was ok.

1 — Did not work for me.

I don’t believe in ‘.5’ ratings any more, there was a time when a book might get stuck between two rating levels, but not anymore. For the sake of simplicity.

what you can include in your review requesT

  • Title & Author, of course
  • Blurb/summary
  • Release date
  • Any other relevant information
  • If you have an expected time frame, please mention that in the email and I will see if I can commit to that particular time frame

What happens if the book is accepted for the review?

I don’t guarantee that when I receive the book I’d immediately read and review it. I have my TBR, and its growing on daily basis. I have a life too and a day job to feed myself. However, I will try to review it ASAP but you have to understand the fact that its not always doable.

Another point to notice is I have the right to not post the review of your book if I don’t feel comfortable on doing so. This can happen and depends on variety of factors.

I’ll also try to post the review on and Amazon.

What happens if I don’t enjoy your book?

All of my reviews are an honest opinion and it is possible that I might not enjoy your book. If you are not okay with the fact that a negative review could be written, so please mention it in the email. I might not post a review on Goodreads or Amazon.

In addition to the review, what else you can do?

  • Author Interview: I only interview authors that I am interested in.
  • Giveaways: Only if I have read the book or am about to.
  • Cover Reveals/Spotlight: Only available if I am excited about the book. Also, it has to be exclusive, won’t do if other bloggers are also revealing it on the same day.
  • Guest Blogging: Accepted only for the topics considered fit for this blog. (Hint: It’s a book blog.) For Guest Blogging Archive, click here

where to contact me in case you are interested in getting your book reviewed?

amandeepmittal (at) live (dot) com

Sometimes I might not be able to reply to your request or there might be a delay, so don’t think otherwise. If you haven’t heard for me, you can email me again.

Looking forward to your email.

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to blog a review nor I am paid to read a book (Though, I wish). I am someone who loves to read and talk to someone who reads. Thus, none of the reviews posted on the blogs are biased or influenced.

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