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Fiction Books to Read This Spring and Summer

I recently got my hands on Buzz Books 2017 Spring and Summer edition. After reading many excerpts, I am excited to share some titles that I am eagerly looking to read this year. Yet, I might not be able to read and finish all of them, the sole purpose of sharing these titles right now is that if you decide to read any of them, I hope to read your views on them.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Color of Water in July by Nora Caroll

I did not remember how I stumble upon Nora Caroll’s The Color of Water in July. I think it was featuring in the kindle application which I had downloaded recently. But I clearly remember reading it. The smooth and calm beginning. Some might consider it under the genre Romance, but I think it will be a fit under Historical Fiction.

The story is about Jess, a young woman who returns to a place where she spent the summers of her youth. She finds herself remembering her childhood memories and along with them a twisted and knitted family secret that changes everything, including her own self.

The narration is quite exquisite and as the story progress the reader will understand and realise the calmness offered by the writer in her words. One can never be sure of oneself, and that is what a reader will realise after reading this book. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Color of Water in July by Nora Caroll”