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Social Media for Book Bloggers


When it comes to promoting my blog, I find social media platforms beneficial. Though, there are so many social media platforms that it becomes overwhelming for me at times. I lose my focus, and a few times it had led to blogging slump.

I advise you to not to lose your focus and introduce yourself into a slump. For a start, concentrate on a number of sites that you think will be beneficial for your blog promotion and long term networking. This way you can focus on growing your network of followers on those particular platforms. Of course, you don’y have to pick handful of social media sites. If you love social media, and want to use all of them, go ahead and do that! Personally, for me, I feel that it’s easier and more beneficial to start with a small number.

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Guest Post

Guest Bloggers WANTED

Hi Guys,

How are y’all doing?

I am looking for five Guest Bloggers for the posting months June to October, one for every month. I have already hosted three guest bloggers this s year, and I feel connecting with fellow bloggers is working well for me. Here the bloggers and their blog posts:

Hán Ruì yà– Living in the Language Silently

AVINASH GUPTA– The Joy of Discovery

SHWATE TANEJA– Five Procrastinations of Writing

For Contact Details on the Guest Blogger Program see here.

Feel free to contact me.