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Social Media for Book Bloggers


When it comes to promoting my blog, I find social media platforms beneficial. Though, there are so many social media platforms that it becomes overwhelming for me at times. I lose my focus, and a few times it had led to blogging slump.

I advise you to not to lose your focus and introduce yourself into a slump. For a start, concentrate on a number of sites that you think will be beneficial for your blog promotion and long term networking. This way you can focus on growing your network of followers on those particular platforms. Of course, you don’y have to pick handful of social media sites. If you love social media, and want to use all of them, go ahead and do that! Personally, for me, I feel that it’s easier and more beneficial to start with a small number.

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My 500th Blog Post


500 posts feel like little piece of milestone. I wasn’t looking to this when I started blogging. 

Blogging has definitely changed my life

Blogging has definitely changed my life in these ways:

  • Its a door that leads to many more doors.
  • It gave me my first opportunity to get published as poet.
  • Blogging has help to revive my reading habit and stick to it no matter what.

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Top Posts of 2016!

In terms of blogging, 2016 was a wonderful year for this blog and me. What I did the whole year? Well, I read books, blogged about them, met new bloggers, and read their intriguing blog posts.

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Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016

My 2016 Reading Challenge hosted by began with the start of this amazing year. This year, I challenged myself to read 150 books, incrementing the amount of books from last year’s challenge(2015) by 25. At first I wasn’t event sure that I’d be able to complete the challenge and then after doing a good start and reading a proper amount of books and then failing to find overcome the procrastination of not reading, I found myself in a fumbling three months back. I was behind in the challenge by almost a decade of books and was ready to give up. I am below par as not exceeding my limit of 150 books this year in contrast with the last year in which I exceeded by a good margin.

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I Took A Short Break From Everything

As you might have failed to noticed, I took a short break from the blog. It started when things were going a little over my head at the end of month before the previous month and I thought, I am done, with everything. I did not take a vacation to some destination. I mostly stayed home. I did some things, which I generally don’t do and won’t be planning to do anytime in future.

This morning I woke up and decided, I am ready. Thus, I am writing this.

During this span of almost 46 days, I wasn’t roaming on a beach with a paperback in my hand. I was spending the time with myself without a paperback, focusing on some aspects of life, going through some actions I never planned to perform, thus depleting myself of “time to wonder” to write about.

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The Secret Life of a Book Blogger

Credit: Paperback brii

This is my first attempt to participate in a book tag or a book award. In time, I have been nominated by fellow bloggers for awards but I never took any particular interest in responding and to continue the tradition from my side. My apologies. However, I tend to enjoy the questionnaire of these book tags and blogger awards since it is fun and informative when bloggers share their experience through these variety of posts.

Nobody nominated me this time for The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag but I feel motivated to do this myself. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this type. I’d like to thank QuirkyVictorian from Over Analysing Literature for introducing me to this tag. Do check out her blog, she’s a bibliophile just like you and me.

How long have you been a blogger?

This is my first book blog and I have been dragging on for four years now.

At what point do you think you will stop?

When I am sucked out of all the energy inside me, or when I stop reading books.

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Interested in Advertising on this blog?

Want to advertise on this blog?

This blog provides two different variants for advertising your book(s), spotlights/giveaway, exclusive cover reveals or merchandise (related to books & stuff) or advertise yourself.

First Variant: Top Corner Sidebar

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Second Variant: Header/Banner Ad

  • Now for one full day, you can have an ad on header/banner area of this blog.
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  • Two different templates available:

* If you wish to have a banner/header ad, in email do mention which HeaderStyle image you’d like.

If you are interested, then email with me essentials : amandeepmittal (at) live (dot) com

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Introducing Myself with Infographic

Recently, Confessions of a Readaholic underwent a minor revamp. The old boring text on About Me page now has been replaced with this infographic:

Life Story Infographic

There is some text but hopefully, now it won’t bore you.

For more visit: About Page

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Remembering Harper Lee


Last year, at this time I was excited on getting to know that Harper Lee’s getting her second book published: “Got Set a Watchmen“, which I found an average piece of tale in comparison to her previous and only work: “To Kill a Mockingbird“. There is an impression left in the mind of a reader who mingles with Lee’s words in To Kill a MockingbirdThat impression is hard to describe in exact words (or  a sentence, if you prefer) since it has many forms. One form is Atticus Finch.

After reading about her death, earlier in February, I went back to “To Kill a Mockingbird” (or TKAM if you prefer), certainly to read out some memorable lines of words that I would like recall here.

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.

People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.

Likewise there are lines in this book one can quote from on several occasions while mingling with his daily activities. The normal or as I love to call, ordinary human perception has been put into simple words by Lee. Continue reading “Remembering Harper Lee”


Things Are Changing

Things are changing on Confessions of a Readaholic. And these changes are necessary both for you and myself. I am really bored with my current blogging schedule. Posting every three days and that to scheduled. I miss the inspirational hit writing or live blogging, in other words, writing in the middle of the night and then selecting the right images, and the Voila! hit the publish button. Since schedule blogging, I have to plan ahead for a month at hand and there is no fun left in that. In recent weeks I have written only two posts that were published this month. Mostly, the fault is mine. Tiredness added with laziness in free time or weekends, and procrastination garnishing adds up to no new posts.

For years, blogging has been my favourite thing to do. And yes, I am the only one who blogs in my family. Developing a system while blogging is essential to have a readership or in other words, an audience. Consistency is only achieved if one blog’s regularly. Hardest part in blogging is always the start of a new post but once started, it always give me a pleasure to complete a blog post. After all these years, I have realised, one must have their own blogging schedule, doesn’t matter how much post they publish in a week.

Thus, fellow bloggers I have a new blogging schedule and will try to keep a bit of inspirational hit. Look out for the following days:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays!