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Top Fiction Books I Read in 2016

Once again, I am offering you a number of books I enjoyed reading last year in a broader sense of a genre: Fiction.

Stoner by John Williams

A fascinating, fast, elegant read. William Stoner and we all have something in common.

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Books to Read on Vincent van Gogh

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? If you hear a voice within saying ‘You are not a painter’ then by all means paint – and that voice will be silenced.
― Vincent van Gogh

His letters provide both a unique self-portrait and a vivid picture of the contemporary cultural scene. Van Gogh emerges as a complex but captivating personality, struggling with utter integrity to fulfil his artistic destiny. It’s a must read book on Van Gogh. See My Book Review

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Authors I have read

Earlier today, just hovering on ‘My Books’ section on Goodreads I found an astonishing stats page that tells you about the authors you have most read, ranking according to the amount of books read of each author. It helps to recall a lot of involuntary memories of when I read those authors, and how I felt about their work. This stats does not show those authors for whom I have read only one book.

Thus, I conclude a list of some those writers and the number of books written by each I have managed to read, and a recommendation from my part, in that order.

Ian Rankin- 16 books I have read


Set In Darkness introduced me to the world of well-written Crime Fiction and John Rebus.

Arthur Conan Doyle- 16 books


I have read every book on Sherlock Holmes written by the creator of this world’s famous detective. He’s mesmerising, and mysterious in his own ways.

William Shakespeare- 15 plays


William Shakespeare, ladies and gentlemen. Continue reading “Authors I have read”

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Ten Books I read in 2014

2014, has been a sublime reading year for me. Not only I conquered my target of reading a hundred books (as currently, I am sixty four books ahead of my schedule and few hours are still left), I have read a variety of books. Fiction, non-fiction, many kind of sub-genres. I am happy to meet Diversity this way.

Hereby, I conclude a list of ten books that I am recommending to you.

Let’s start with a classic. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a great piece of Gothic Fiction, well written novel which will give to rise to a whiff of compound thoughts when you are done with it. This book is a great example of how society has not changed much in the past two centuries in terms of greed for power, immortality, and innovation.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Exquisitely written, complete, this biography of the iconic computer genius is a textbook study of the rise and fall and rise of Apple and the brutal clashes that destroyed friendships and careers, and of course, Steve Jobs. Continue reading “Ten Books I read in 2014”

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Ten Poetry Books to Read LIST


Poetry is an essential part of human life. It’s a combination words in rhythm and we can find rhythm in almost anything we want. These rhythmic descriptions are written in form of poetry. The way a poem soothes human mind, nothing can. Thus, list some poetry books that reflect my personal taste.

The Rime of Ancient Mariner by Samuel T. Coleridge

A lyrical ballad, and one of the longest major poem in English. It relates the events experienced by a mariner who has returned from a long sea voyage. Coleridge  uses narrative techniques such as personification and repetition to create either a sense of danger, of the supernatural or of serenity, depending on the mood of each of the different parts of the poem.

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda

More than eighty years after its publication, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair stands as an essential collection that continues to inspire lovers and poets around the world. Continue reading “Ten Poetry Books to Read LIST”

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The Nineties, I’d like to call it my time for I was born in the early nineties. Without any knowledge of what books are, I am sure I wouldn’t have thought at that time on turning into as a voracious reader in next twenty years. Still, I like to call myself the kid from the nineties who love books.

Here are some great titles published during the decade:

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, 1990

Fifteen years after, I was amazed on finding that dinosaurs can exist on-screen. Five years down the line, I was again amazed to find that you could write a book that was a thriller and had science. 

American Psycho by Bret E. Ellis, 1991

One might say, my teenage days were ruined by reading these kind of books. Well I’d defend by saying they were essential part of my conscience both as a reader and as a human. This book made me familiar with lots of stuff that a boy at the age of sixteen could not even imagine.  Continue reading “BOOKS TO READ FROM 90s LIST”

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WHAT James Franco Reads?

When I first saw James Franco on the screen in Oz the Great and Powerful, I though.. hmm… okay. And went off to home without giving it a second thought.

Next time I hear about him, he’s out with a book!


And the book is no memoir of his living days in movies or his nights with women. The book’s a collection of stories, a bit cult. I am talking about Palo Altoset among the Californian streets where Franco spent his own childhood. I remember giving it three out of five but the book was a professional piece of work and I admire his literary voice in that. Next thing I get to know is, he’s done an English major with a creative writing concentration from UCLA and is now  doing PhD in English from YALE University.

My admiration for him is not about being an actor turning to a writer, it’s about his passion for the literature. For me, he’s just another reader who’s passionate about books and reading. Soon, after a bit of googling, I came across an article in which he shares some books that he read.

I find some of these titles interesting and though about sharing them:

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates Continue reading “WHAT James Franco Reads?”

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BOOKS from the 80s LIST

The Eighties, saw great social, economic, and general change as wealth and production migrated to newly industrializing economies. More football games followed by the introduction of personal computers somewhat with, graphical user interfaces. The 80s also introduced us to the Rubik’s cube and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

Here is a list of books from the 80s:


The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, 1980

“The Name of the Rose” is a philosophical mystery set in an Italian monastery in 1327. The abbey contains the greatest library in Christendom, but its treasured books are locked up within its labyrinth of a library. Why do the monks hide the same books that they preserve?

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, 1981 Continue reading “BOOKS from the 80s LIST”

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I had a similar situation of insomnia, a few years back. I used to put the lights out, as everyone did at home, get cozy in the bed and try myself to sleep. The land of dreams was a faraway fairyland to me then. I just could not sleep. Weeks passed by, and it was still me, alone in my bed, staring out the radium covered hands of minutes, hours, and seconds (in that order) of a wall-clock facing my bed. Sometimes it was 3 a.m., sometimes it was 4 and sleep was extra-terrestrial.

Then in those struggling days of getting some sleep, I really got into reading books. It started with the habit of reading before going to bed (I thought I might get sleep due to this), and ended up with my eReader, my only companion through out and every night. I soon became happier for I had not to struggle with lack of dreams, but I was dreaming some great dreams in other people’s words.

Thus I am concluding list here, it’s a mixture of the titles I have read and the ones in my TBR list:

FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahnuik Continue reading “BOOKS ON INSOMNIA- LIST”

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BOOKS From the 70s LIST#

If Sixties was the “cultural decade”, the Seventies refer to the rise of the economies. Though revolutions, wars and disasters continued, seventies saw the development of new technologies especially in modern computing. Microwave oven, VCR, and cell phones arrived which in today’s world, in an advance form, are a big part of our lives.

Literature continued to grow as new writers with new books grabbed readers attention, then and now.

Love Story by Eric Segal, 1970

Erich Segal’s  magnificent novel will grab you, hold you, and stay  with you forever. You, like million others, will fall in love with Love  Story.

The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth, 1971

Considered as a classic among spy-thriller genre. The Jackal. A tall, blond Englishman with opaque, gray eyes. A killer at the top of his profession. A man unknown to any secret service in the  world. An assassin with a contract to kill the world’s most heavily guarded man. Continue reading “BOOKS From the 70s LIST#”