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#BOOKSPOTLIGHT: The Assassinations – A Novel of 1984

Published: 2017 by Speaking Tiger Books


To Deepa, Prem gave no hint of the churning inside him. In front of her he affected a cheery demeanour, indulging her in her plans for their honeymoon, which she kept revising. It was a welcome escape from the mayhem surrounding him. There were occasions where the pretence got to him and a voice rose inside, urging him to tell her everything. He silenced it. Deepa was a Hindu and would never understand.

Until then, he had never thought of her as different.

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#BOOKSPOTLIGHT: Saudade by Husna Mohammad

Pages: 124, Kindle Edition

Published: 2017

Book Blurb

Very often, the most interesting stories are those that are not told. They need to be felt, heard with the heart and mind, deciphered from between the lines. Saudade, in essence, is a collection of 9 short stories centred around the lives of people from different walks of life, shaped by circumstance and traditional conformance.

These tales are subtle, but can change the way the story ends. As with Che Guevera’s Legacy, where a young boy is forced to come to terms with the reality of political idealism. In The Inscrutable Case of a Lilac Saree, Zuhara Ammaye, bogged down by the loneliness of old age, struggles with the reality of her predicament. The shocking tale of sexual abuse of a young boy in My Name is Arif Mushtaq and I am Gay, where happiness is finally found and yet horrifically lost. Or the paranormal powers of a young woman in Beevitha and the mysterious events that unfold.

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