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BOOK REVIEW: Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby

Sandra Danby’s Ignoring Gravity is a must read this winter. Danby’s gripping writing style and novel’s pace are enough to please a reader.

Set in London, Rose is a journalist in her thirties working for the London Herald. She is single and has had a number of failed relationships never having met the man of her dreams. Rose has always looked after her younger sister. Her sister Lily  is married not in a happy marriage. She is simply desperate for a baby but her husband is less interested and is not happy with Lily’s obsession by healthy eating in order to encourage conception.

After their mother’s death, to spare their father from the task of going through their recently departed mother’s possessions, Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby”


Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #2

This post is based on the Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #1 where I talked about what and why Librivox. Click on the link see for yourself. 


In this post, I’ll make sure that you get familiar with Librivox. Here are some tips for getting started on Librivox.

All the readers on LibriVox are volunteers, finding a good audiobook can sometimes be hit-or-miss. Here are some tips I’ve found useful when searching for audiobooks on LibriVox: Continue reading “Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #2”


Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #1

If you read books and you surely get lost into them by procrastinating the world to continue to read ‘just one more chapter’. But the book-fatigue knocks in and tells you to stop. But you don’t want to. You want to read as long as you can breathe. That’s what you love to do, willingly. But what about the demon, book-fatigue?

There are times when it is tiring while reading. The strain in your eyes and a glimpse of ache in your back tells you to give yourself a little rest and think about the future. It’s not the last book you are reading on this planet. Many more to read.

To overcome that resistance you do think that there must be an alternative. What if I could hear them?

Hear the words as of they are music to ears, hear them and soothe my own thirst for reading. Well, when there’s a will there’s a way. Continue reading “Librivox: A Reader’s ‘Audio-Heaven’ #1”


FRIDAY FIVE: Five Famous Authors on Writer’s Block

It happens to most of us

Have you ever had a writer’s block? Ever experienced your thoughts, your imagination going blank? Read what these famous writer’s have to say about the most common disease among the writers called the writer’s block.

“I step away from the computer and swim. I really wish someone had told me earlier that there’s a relationship between writing and exercise. Writing involves you being completely, revoltingly sedentary while your brain works overtime. But when you exercise, it’s the complete reverse – you more or less become brain dead while your body works like a bastard not to drown/collapse on the treadmill/die. Then after I exercise, I always come back to my laptop and it’s like I’m seeing the story for the first time. I know what I need to do. It’s almost Biblical, like scales falling off my eyes or something.” ―  Benjamin Law Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: Five Famous Authors on Writer’s Block”

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten books of 2014

2014 has been a mixed bag year for me in reading. I have read a variety of authors, especially a lot of new authors this time, took non-fiction seriously and some interesting books on recommendations. My challenge to myself to read 100 books this year is on track and so far, as the year comes to half, I have read 49 books.

My 2014 Challenge, so far…

The challenge bar on the tells me that I am “one book ahead of the schedule” which means I am doing well. Thus, here  I am evaluating ten best reads I had so far in the year.


10. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Winner of Man Booker Prize 2009, Wolf Hall is amazing story written surrealistically from the POV of Thomas Cromwell.  

9. The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

An exciting thriller, unfolds the story of an identity-less man. If you like the movie, you will love this book. 

8. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

An important book in the history of man kind. Totally sci-fi and easy to visualize. True story which suites every era of man kind. Continue reading “TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten books of 2014”

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GUEST POST: Zareen Naqvi- When your mom gets engaged before you do

It’s always fun to get to know fellow bloggers! I’m glad I have met so many. And am longing to meet more. Thus, I thought why not invite “Guest Bloggers” to my blog and share their experience in their own words? Well here is the first one. 


by Zareen Naqvi 

First off, congratulations! Your mum snagged a fella before you. She told him to put a ring on it and he did. Unlike your ring finger, which is dry, lonely and vacant. Not to mention, without a ring.

Continue reading “GUEST POST: Zareen Naqvi- When your mom gets engaged before you do”

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BOOK REVIEW: Up in the Air by Walter Kirn

“Hilarious… Whip-smart… entertaining enough to rival anything by John Grisham.”  -Times Out New York

Truly said. The chemistry of smart and funny is quite good in this book. There is a movie by the same title starring George Clooney, which I saw two wholesome years back, and it was the first time I ever saw Clooney on the screen. But I was not fascinated by him. In fact,  I was fascinated by Ryan Bingham’s (played by Clooney) job profile– the one who can fire other people from their jobs.

Walter Kirn’s UP IN THE AIR is a unique book and one of it’s kind. Kirn’s quite witty with his words and knows how to use them and is quite practical about them. The plot is quite simple. Ryan Bingham, as a consultant constantly flies around the country. He’s a modern day nomad. Although he has come to despise his line of work, he has come to love the culture of what he calls “Airworld”, Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Up in the Air by Walter Kirn”



Hello everyone, how art thou? Enjoying the hotness of the summer? Well I must tell you that, it’s too hot here. Almost 47 degrees. It’s like you’ll get roasted if you go out in the middle of the day. Because of the tremendous weather, books are best cool companions in this weather for me. So here is a poll for you guys, select one of your favorite fantasy book. It’s quite simple, select one of the categories and submit vote. I just want to know about my readers more, by getting to know about their love of fantasy books. Continue reading “TOP TEN TUESDAY: Polling Time”

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It’s MONDAY again, what are you reading?

This Monday certainly came quite fast for me. The weekend got over faster than the light travels. Still I managed to read two books, Drive and Driven both by James Sallis last week. Today I got  Tess of D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy from my college’s library. I have this nostalgic feeling of reading something which will fill the void inside for quite a long time now. Yesterday, I even spent an hour on my laptop browsing the collection of eBooks I have but I was unable to decided on a particular title. So I thought it’d be better to read something in paperback. Also, it feels boring to me on reading on a laptop and that’s the reason I used my phone as an eBook reader earlier to read but it got broke last week.  Thus I had to find some other way to get back to my reading, and paperback is the best.

I hope Mr. Hardy’s words do me the favor and I’ll indulge myself into it instantaneously.


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BOOK REVIEW: Drive by James Sallis

There is so much about this character called Driver, that after watching the movie and reading the book it still bugs me. There is a movie adaption of the book (highly recommended to me by a friend) by the same name starring Ryan Gosling, Carry Mulligan and few more. The movie is an exception, the one you might have never seen before. It proves the statement, “Silence is so freaking good” true. Go and watch it yourself, and you won’t regret watching it.

I am here to talk about the book more, and yes that’s what I’ll do. Drive is a new novella by one of the nation’s most respected and honored writers of noir fiction, James Sallis. Set mostly in Arizona and L.A., the story is, according to Sallis, …”about a guy who does stunt driving for movies by day and drives for criminals at night. In classic noir fashion, he is double-crossed and, though before he has never participated in the violence (‘I drive. That’s all.’), he goes after the ones who double-crossed and tried to kill him.” The guy’s called Driver, he drives on special jobs and one of the few attraction a reader will find here is that the character’s specific name is not mentioned in the entire story. He’s just a driver. He loves to do that, and he can only do that. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Drive by James Sallis”