Last book in Clifton Chronicles: Cover Revealed

It all started with Only Time Will Tell whose copies were sold out the day it was launched by Jeffrey Archer in India. And now the saga of Harry Clifton also known as Clifton Chronicles, stands by four books already, with Be Careful What You Wish For the latest release in March 2014, the British author continues to grab reader’s attention and proving that he is one of those master story-tellers.

Recently, the last book in the Clifton Chronicles is revealed and will be released next year in 2015,most probably in February.

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Be Careful What You Wish For is at the very least a better novel then the previous entry into the series, Best Kept Secret. However for a series that started off as splendidly as this, it’s still a let down from the first two novels.

The fourth novel in the Clifton Chronicles series picks up minutes where the Best Kept Secret left. This is regular Jeffrey Archer book, no doubt Archer is a wonder story teller but this story (particularly the last two books in this series) is not Archer’s best books. It looks very ordinary on reading as it is advancing. Still, I am very eager to know what will be the final outcome of the Clifton Saga.

The book opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. The fate is not angelic with Cliftons when the chairman of Barrington Shipping Company decides to resign from his post and Emma Clifton wants to replace him. Don Pedro Martinez, not a master villain I would say, just an ordinary but intense part of the story, intends to install his puppet, the egregious Major Alex Fisher, in order to destroy the Barrington family firm just as the company plans to build its new luxury liner. In London, Harry and Emma’s adopted daughter wins a scholarship to the Slade Academy of Art where she falls in love with a fellow student, who asks her to marry him. Both families are delighted until Priscilla Bingham, Jessica’s future mother-in-law, has a visit from an old friend, Lady Virginia Fenwick, who drops her particular brand of poison into the wedding goblet.

While the Clifton and Barrington families march forward into the sixties, in this tale of love, revenge, ambition and betrayal, the ending leaves the reader in a tight situation. A major event does take place this time which I guess is the biggest event in the Clifton Chronicles, though it is predictable before the end of the book but curiosity craves for what happens after it.

The wait for the fifth book is too long as it won’t be available for the readers before March, 2015. If anyone new starts this story, I would recommend him to read from the first book, Only time Will tell, which till date stands out to be the best book in this series. Reading the story from between will look dull and boring as later books, including this one, is not excellently (or in Archer’s way) written and plotted.

3 out of 5 from me.


READING: Recently & Currently

Recently finished: CANDIDA by G. B. Shaw and Currently Reading: Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer

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2013, a year it is! It’s been six months since the year started, since those words I started to read written by various authors. Six months time is long and but not enough to read. Still I managed to read thirty one books (till the last month, and yes I keep a log). So far, it has been a great reading year for me and thus I manage to compile a list of my top ten books I have read so far.


I was flattered by the book and the philosophy behind it by Fitzgerald. How this book can be closely related to his private life and the time of 1920s is by reading the book. You might realize after reading it that you have not fallen in love with it or any of it’s characters. But that’s the beauty of it. That what resembles the lavish 1920s. It’s highly recommended by me.


Ian Rankin is one of the most prolific crime fiction writer of 21st century. And this one is his one of the masterpieces’. He knows what to write. His characters know how to perform. He conveys the atmosphere to perfection. It was quite a page turning for me. This is the sixteenth novel of John Rebus series.


It always bugs me why this story of Kafka is included in every literature course everywhere in the world. Well after reading it, I got my answer. Kafka displays a new concept by this story. A man to a bug, it was my first experience with German literature and proved to be wonderful in the end. Intense of the story is quite strong.


 After reading this, I realized this book is a conception of what reality is becoming. And thus, it is turning out to be true. Orwell wrote it after the World War II and till today I feel this book is applicable to our reality. The philosophy behind this book is intensive. But due it’s length, I got a bit bored.


 Bernard Shaw, as he liked himself to be called, is a master of witty plays. And I read Pygmalion and Devil’s Disciple at the same time but the two are not comparable. Pygmalion is a straight set win while Devil’s Disciple is totally witty. I enjoyed Shaw’s inscription.


This novella is one of the major works produced by Hemingway. It is one of his famous works but I did not feel why. In the starting I found difficult to indulge myself but when the story goes on, my was indulging deep and down in the sea with the old man. It’s a short read, and certainly a Pulitzer Prize winner.


 The fifth addition to Robert Langdon’s Saga. Angels and Demons was the first book I read written by Dan Brown. It’s still his best work. Inferno, is a fast read, which was not expected by me as Brown’s earlier works worked at normal pace. When it came out I was so excited as I had read pre-reviews about it’s relation to Dante. I started reading when it was five hours after it launched. And read it in tow sittings. I can say I was not impressed by this book as I was by Angels and Demons. 


It was my first of something I read written by Henry James. I had waited for it quite long, and made sure something of Henry James’ was on my reading list of this year. It is a novella and just a novella. I would love to read more written by him.


I am glad I read this book. Firstly, I wanted to try a new author this year, and unknown, at least for me. And Ma was one of them. Secondly, it was whole new experience of words for me, the plot, consequence, the atmosphere as the book is setup in China. Ma Jian is the author I am keen to read more and I am recommending this book toe everyone, but it’s a bit too long.


I was recommend to him by a friend of mine a few years back. Then, I read only book but I started reading his Clifton Chronicles lately, and this one was the third in the series. Though it was the first book, Only time will tell which made get myself indulged in this series, I am waiting for the fourth one.


With half of the 2013 being a good for reading, I am excited for the other half. I am looking forward to read so many books and in mood of trying some new authors as well.

What have been your favourite reads so far in 2013?

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Best Kept Secret

by Jeffrey Archer

Best Kept Secret is the third book in the series called ‘The Clifton Chronicles’, written by Jeffrey Archer. the first two books are: Only Time will Tell and The Sins of the Father. The book is  is 380 pages long and is divided into 46 chapters. You will be hooked to the book right from the prologue if you have read the earlier two books of the series. The book focuses on the life of Harry Clifton and people around him during the years 1945 to 1957.

The Sins Of The Father ends at the moment where the judge is about to declare who would be inheriting the Barrington title, Harry Clifton or his best friend Giles Barrington after the death of Sir Walter Barrington. This judgement is announced at the beginning and sets the course of Harry Clifton’s unpredictable life.

As the book progresses, the focus of the story gets shifted to Sebastian Clifton. He plays an important role is defending his uncle Giles’s seat in the house of the Commons. Also, he wins a scholarship to Cambridge in 1957 and gets caught up in a mess and which is where this book ends.

The book is no extraordinary but is a satisfactory. Archer’s way of swiftly changing the course of story is appreciable, but the book certainly has some points which were unnecessary. But then, he’s the storyteller not me. And he tells his story gracefully. The book is a fast read. Archer knows very well how to grabs readers’ attention by plunging them into the action from the first page, shifting frequently between different characters’ points of view, peeling back another layer of the story in nearly every chapter, and knowing exactly when to leave readers dangling in suspense.

No doubt Archer is one of the best storyteller in modern days. Though I will hope he releases the next book this year, which would focus on the life of Sebastian Clifton, but I am told that I have to wait till 2014.

Best Kept Secret
Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer



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The Sins of the Father

by Jeffrey Archer

The Sins of the Father is the second book in a series called “The Clifton Chronicles,” written by Jeffrey Archer. As  soon as I finished reading ONLY TIME WILL TELL, which is the first book in the respective series by the same author, I was excited for the sequel. The sequel do pick up right where ‘Only Time will Tell’ left. It is self explanatory that both books should be read in the order they are written and then only, the other characters connection to the protagonist, Harry Clifton, will be understandable for the reader.

In ‘The Sins of the Father’, which spans the years of World War II, Harry is desperate to escape the revelations that upset his life and prevented his marriage to Emma Barrington, the sister of his best friend, Giles.  He finds himself in New York City, having miraculously survived a German torpedo attack, while his family back in England mourns his death.  Harry soon learns that it’s not really a good idea to assume the identity of a dead man you didn’t know very well, as it likely will bring you more trouble than simply facing your problems head on.

Meanwhile, Emma believes Harry is still alive and goes off in search of him, Giles goes off to war, and their despicable father, Hugo, shunned by his family and friends, risks the family business in a quest for more money and power.  At the same time, Harry’s mother, Maisie, struggling with grief, throws herself into her work and learns that happiness may actually be possible for a woman who’s had a rough life and never put herself first.

The drama of the Cliftons and the Barringtons continues at top speed in The Sins of the Father.  The book reads very quickly and if you are good you might finish in one sitting.  Archer knows very well how to grabs readers’ attention by plunging them into the action from the first page, shifting frequently between different characters’ points of view, peeling back another layer of the story in nearly every chapter, and knowing exactly when to leave readers dangling in suspense.

Though in my opinion ending could have been  better but I guess just for the next release he did get carried away a little. But I will appreciate him that the book is well written and the characters are well developed. It is hard to find that much amount of modern day authors developing there characters so good. But after all he is Jeffrey Archer. Though now there is more excitement for the third volume as a reader.

I would say go for it, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.