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Problems You Can Solve by Restarting Your Kindle

In past few weeks as the device I own has begin to age, I encountered some tiny glitches while reading books on my Kindle. May be it is the last update (5.8.1) that I recently got, which sucks and due that the device is a bit of unstable. Irrespective of the cause, there are some problems you are going to encounter if you own and use the Kindle device for reading books.

Cannot Connect to WiFi

Yes, yes. It happens. But you cannot leave your device always on WIFI mode. It will suck out the battery. Keep device on the airplane mode for proper battery output. Use WiFi, when necessary.

What if doesn’t work? You can’t see a WiFi network in the network list, or you can’t connect to a WiFI that you can see on the network list. In this case, consider restarting your kindle.

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BOOK REVIEW: Project Bodi by Hosein Kouros-Mehr

Pages: 219, Kindle Edition
Published: September 2017
Cover Rating: 3/5
How many science fiction books you have read on the future of out species? Out of them, how many are dystopian? Recently, I watched Blade Runner and I liked the flying cars. What if the occurrence of changes are dystopian not as the society but for the large corporations of the world of today. What if Apple becomes obsolete?
Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight by Hosein Kouros-Mehr is unique in two ways. First, is the scope of reality in next 15 years will seem realistic enough to a reader to lure in. Second reason being that this book is not just a piece of fiction and elaborates much on topic of peace of mind and avoiding distractions.
The storyline’s base is in year 2029 where Google is the most dominant company. Head of Artificial Intelligent Department at the organisation is leading the Project Bodi. The project has a deadline in which the Artificial Intelligence team has to come with a product that is a smartglass with most advance Augmented Reality technology. In present world, we are seeing revolution in Mixed Reality that includes Augmented and Virtual Reality. The plot majorly revolves around three characters, Shiv Patel, the CEO of the company, Dr. Bethany Andrews, the head of Artificial Intelligence department and Austin who is a lead and highly skillful developer. Together they embark on a journey to discover the inner source of their own life.
The plot covers up most of the complex concepts in the starting and prepares the reader for a smoother reading. Most science fiction storylines display artificial intelligence as a source of a scary future ahead but this book does exact opposite. It forecasts how a powerful technology can help us to enhance our lives. I love the fact that the major focus of the author here is how help youth from getting distracted from their work and life and immense themselves in a constant loop. Being mindful.Using the power of our own mind is not a set of hurdles to cross, but it is a process that an individual should tackle and practice in their daily life. This book shows how to do that and I credit the author for not making it a complete self-help style of a book but rather create a story out of it to entertain as well as educate us.
The characterisation of this book is a strong point. The characters already have a background that is unfold to a reader as necessary. The strong point here is regardless of their past actions and activities, these characters come work on their present, the transformation the go under. The writing style uses third person narrative voice and easy to digest language.
I recommend this book to anyone who is science fiction fan to a someone who wants to enjoy a good book that has a strong moral behind the story.
4 out of 5!
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BOOK REVIEW: Boomerang by Temba Magorimbo

Pages: 446, Kindle Edition
Published: 2016 
Cover Rating: 3/5

Boomerang by Temba Magorimbo is based in Africa and is one those few novels that I have read that allows me to explore the enormous continent. The novel is a unique in many ways with a good start that allows the reader like myself to indulge in it from page one.

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BOOK REVIEW: Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Pages: 192, Kindle Edition
Published: August 2017 by Penguin Books
Cover Rating: 5/5

The positive attitude and emotional awareness of Japanese is appealing to anyone since it is directly associated with health. It is known that people of Japan have longest life expectancy in the world. Don’t we all want to live a long, and healthy life? Co-authors of this book, Frances Miralles and Hector Garcia did research on this variables and the main subject of their research was the elderly in Japan. The result is Ikigai, the book rightly titled.

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BOOK REVIEW: Zero Debt by Neeraj Deginal

Pages: 112, Kindle Edition

Published: 2017 by Happy Self Publishing

Cover Rating: 3/5

The modernisation is leading to an increase in debt cycles of an individual. We have seen that in the last decade, and what may the future holds. This is the core foundation of Neeraj Deginal’s latest book Zero Debt: Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life, a part memoir and other half of the book is full of some pragmatic advice.

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BOOK REVIEW: March To Opulence by Parikshit Nagesh Samant

Pages: 640
Published: April, 2017 by Opulencesix Digital Private Limited
Cover Rating: 4/5

March to Opulence is a unique book. It consists stories from different era’s and around the world. This vast number of stories of various genres, and cultures are hard to find in a single collection such that readers of different age group have access to them.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Black Tiger by Srijan Pal Singh

Pages: 208, Paperback

Published: August 2017 by Fingerprint! Publishing

Cover Rating: 5/5

The Black Tiger by Srijan Pal Singh is an analysis of one the most grave topic of corruption and black money and because of that the youth of India as a nation, which is at its peak in terms of population, is on the verge of losing hope with this democratic nation.

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BOOK REVIEW: Walter – The Homeless Man by Tekoa Manning

Pages: 512, Paperback
Published: 2013 by It’s All about Him, Inc.
Cover Rating: 4/5

I am glad I got the chance to read this exceptional work. It is a wonderful feeling for a reader to read a book that has a strong on going plot with mature and very well build characters. This quality to be expressed in the form of a writing is rare and Manning has displayed this through her novel.

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BOOK REVIEW: Arnos Hell – Horror at NHS Direct by Eamonn Murphy

Pages: 125, Kindle Edition

Published: 2014 by EAMONN JAMES MURPHY

Cover Rating: 3/5

On the eve of Halloween this year, I decided to read something different. A book that is based on the Halloween night, written by Eamonn Murphy, Arnos Hell – Horror at NHS Direct. I know many think that horror fiction is not their piece of bread, I used to think that, but I must tell you there are books that might seem to represent a traditional way of this genre but are attractive enough to try out. Not every spirit is bad, there are some good souls even in afterlife.

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BOOK REVIEW: Equations of Being by Ashutosh Gupta

Pages: 170, Kindle Edition

Published: September 2017  by Notion Press

Cover Rating: 5/5

Equations of Being – A being who Gathered Moss written by Ashutosh Gupta is an artistic work, rich in words and thoughts that showcase fragments of his interactions on elements of life. It is a book that will make you thoughtful, and cozy.

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