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BOOK REVIEW: How To Develop Emotional Health by Oliver James

This book is a part of The School of Life series and irrespective of that, it gives some good insight on ‘Emotional Health’ which make this book a good starting point, as the title suggests. James Oliver starts his book by defining emotional health as

Emotional Health is the sense that what is happening, is happening now.

Sometimes the clear and simple words hit you hard and that’s what I realise after reading the first lines of text in this book. I liked Oliver’s style of opening the text with what matters. There’s no abstraction in that. Most books of this kind are pretty and heavy in text but they lack where it matters most: straightforwardness. Often they are not plain-spoken, the words must strike the reader at the right place in his mind.

Happiness is a part of abstraction which consume our daily lives. It is the most arbitrary expression that has different set of meanings to different people. Satisfaction, joy are subsets of it. And this what James Oliver suggests in his book. Rather than to seek an abstraction, we should cultivate our own emotional health.

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BOOK REVIEW: F*ck Feelings by Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett

Self-help genre is not for everyone. Especially not for me. Either it is too positive for a dream to come true in man’s life that is unachievable (and for my taste) or it is too boring. But they are a business, in a big business. Dr. Michael Bennet (a psychiatrist) and his daughter/writer Sarah Bennet suggests we are too emotional over self-help books. Actually, not only self-help books, but about everything.

The title of the book, F*ck Feelings: One Shrink’s Practical Advice for Managing All Life’s Impossible Problems, is perfect, and certainly matches the context inside as the book provides some practical solutions to common problems we all face at various times in our lives. The target audience of this book are people who loath self-help books, but I would recommend this to those who love self-help books too. It’s a new insight to very common discussion regarding self-improvement, self-esteem, life’s fairness and unfairness, over helpfulness, serenity or the peace of mind, love, communication, parenthood, assholes, and treatment. It’s about understanding oneself.

This book is about how we over think about every situation as how we let our emotions control our sanity and disrupt our daily/hourly musings. We want to accomplish things that are not pragmatically possible for any living creature, emotionally. I am not saying we should not try for things which many think are cuffed by the word impossible, it’s all about self-control. But try to understand the stuff this books covers and I am talking about are different from the stuff people you are surrounded with may implicitly suggest impossible. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: F*ck Feelings by Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett”

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BOOK REVIEW: Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig

I often say that, mental health is as important as the physical one. Understating out mind with a clarity is what we need. To understand our mind, we must have knowledge over the illnesses or the disease that may effect it. In simpler words, Matt Haig’s Reasons To Stay Alive is account of man’s struggle with depression. Reading about depression and anxiety helps a lot, both consciously and unconsciously.

This account of Haig’s struggle through depression when he was just twenty four and living in Ibiza tell us how depression made him see the world around him, the present and the future, but most importantly how it made him see himself. It is beautifully written and at times heart-warmingly funny, in a way that allows its readers to resonate completely with his personal experience.

Depression, I feel, is more than a mood swing. Technically it is a mood swing. I think it should be considered in serious terms as an illness just as one might take any physical or other type of illness that is not mental. There are ‘n‘ number of things that can cause it but since one has got only life, and it is better to live your life, instead of focusing and worrying about the causes. It is hard, I agree, but it is possible to some extent.  Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig”