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Books To Read From 90s Part II

In the first part of this list series, I did include most of the titles that I have already read. In this list too, I am prohibiting common, well known books like Harry Potters, A Song of Ice and Fire, Fight Club. These are the books that readers are highly familiar with and there is high chance that  most of us have seen the movies/tv-series and read the books. This list is also not specific to any genre.

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BOOK REVIEW: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

‘Brilliantly Funny’

Nick Hornby, no doubt know how to make words look funnier and he does that brilliantly. When I read Hornby’s Fever Pitch, I was impressed by his writing which is simple yet satirical but not as much as by the book itself. After then, whenever I was in mood of some light and humorous read, I overlooked Hornby till recently when I had second thoughts and decided to give him one more chance.

To stop myself from anymore procrastinating, I give his first novel, HIGH FIDELITY, a bold shot. I must confess, I am glad that he displays fidelity in such a manner that I will never say no or overlook anything written by him that exists out there. I want to read them all. I am not only impressed by his humorous writing but the well crafted yet simple plot he used and a perfect piece for a light mood reading. By light mood reading I mean the book gets over in not more than a day and yes it did. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby”

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten Books to read in the time of the World Cup

The summer has become hotter with the start of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Four days already and more than 40 goals in groups stage fixtures. Yesterday, Germany was fun to watch though. Thus, in the time of this major event, I have concluded a list of ten football (soccer) books a reader ( also a Football Nerd) can read when not watching the fixtures.

The Damned Utd by David Peace

Extraordinary sport’s writer, David Peace’s extraordinarily inventive novel tells the story of a world characterized by fear of failure and hunger for success set in the bleak heart of the 1970s.

Soccernomics by Simon Kuper & Stefan Syzmanski

Using insights and analogies from economics, statistics, psychology, and business to cast a new and entertaining light on how the game works,Soccernomics reveals the often surprisingly counter-intuitive truths about soccer. Continue reading “TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten Books to read in the time of the World Cup”