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BOOK REVIEW: The Golden House by Salman Rushdie

Pages: 400, Kindle Edition

Published: 5 September 2017, Random House

Cover Rating: 3/5

Recently I got my hands on Salman Rushdie’s upcoming novel The Golden House. It’s a tragedy. A modern-day tragedy. From page one up to the last there’s the whole genesis of this book is well planned over a form of a drama based on human suffering that invokes and interest us from our ancestral days. Many cultures provoked this idea, especially the Greeks around 2500 years ago.

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Books To Read From 90s Part II

In the first part of this list series, I did include most of the titles that I have already read. In this list too, I am prohibiting common, well known books like Harry Potters, A Song of Ice and Fire, Fight Club. These are the books that readers are highly familiar with and there is high chance that  most of us have seen the movies/tv-series and read the books. This list is also not specific to any genre.

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BOOK REVIEW: Genie Hunt by M C Tuggle

Expected publication: May 10th 2017 by Solstice Publishing

Pages: 72 | Novella

What do you get when someone blends these genres: Thriller, Fantasy & Fiction? You get M. C. Tuggle’s new book The Genie Hunt. A very interesting tale of how two friends get immersed in a jeopardy a bit wounded, betrayed by a mutual but alive while learning an important lesson, of friendship.

Set in High Point, North Carolina, Buddy Vuncannon is a tax attorney and his friend Coot Pickard is an ex-drug dealer has been clean for sometime. While heading out-of-town they are caught up by a SWAT team and Coot is arrested for armed robbery. This incident turns serious when there three eye witnesses present themselves as Coot gets identified being the gun man during the loot.

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Fiction Books to Read This Spring and Summer

I recently got my hands on Buzz Books 2017 Spring and Summer edition. After reading many excerpts, I am excited to share some titles that I am eagerly looking to read this year. Yet, I might not be able to read and finish all of them, the sole purpose of sharing these titles right now is that if you decide to read any of them, I hope to read your views on them.

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Read Graphic Novels on a Kindle

Reading Graphic Novels on a computer is awesome but you can read them on a eye-friendly-screen such as your Kindle. In some steps you can make it happen.

The process of converting a graphic novel to be able to read it on a Kindle is simple. Graphic novel files are either in CBZ or CBR format and you use Calibre (an ebook manager), and convert them to MOBI format and then copy the file to your Kindle.

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REVIEW: Maus – My Father Bleeds History

I picked this book on a friend’s recommendation and I must say, while reading it, I could not put it down. Maus is a two part series graphic novel written by American cartoonist and contributing artist for The New YorkerArt Spiegelman. It’s also a memoir as well as an autobiographical work.

After reading it, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this graphic novel. There is a uniqueness to the concept and the how it is illustrated with story telling. Art Spiegelman has done a great job with story telling, I must say. The illustration or the graphical part is an excellent addition to decipher the incidents or certain scenarios the author wants the reader to focus on.

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BOOK REVIEW: Find Me by Laura van den Berg

Laura van den Berg’s debut novel FIND ME is a rare novel. You won’t find it on everyone’s bookshelf, and if you do, make a plea to let you read it, stop everything, and start reading. In this, you explore a dystopian future in which the major cause is an ‘epidemic of forgetting’— a disease that begins with memory loss and silver blisters on the skin.

FIND ME is a gripping, imaginative, with some grim fun elements, tale of a young woman named Joy Jones who is a grocery store clerk working outside Boston and nursing an addiction to cough syrup, an attempt to suppress her troubled past, when the epidemic starts. Abandoned by her mother in winter when she was a baby, Joy grew up in foster care and group homes. She is haunted by the original abandonment and by a series of disturbing events, some of which are shrouded in the mysteries of memory. However, Joy seems to have a single advantage. She is one of a small group of people who are immune to the memory disease.

Shortly afterward, Joy is invited to a former state psychiatric hospital in Kansas where doctors claim to be studying those who are immune to the disease in order to find a cure. She shares a room with a young man named Louis and in their group are two twins. Pilgrims appear outside the hospital windows. While watching television at the hospital Joy realizes that her mother is an undersea archeologist who hosts a television show called Mysteries of the Sea. She begins to research who her mother is and to imagine where she comes from, and what her identity might be. Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Find Me by Laura van den Berg”

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by Nigel Bird

Smoke: A Novella

I finished this book today. There is no doubt that it is a hard read if you’re a sensitive person. I mean to say it features Scottish gangland brutality, often to the young or to women, and there are scenes of dog-fighting. It’s not a fun read. However, it depends on what you want from your reading. It was quite a new way of fiction for me. This book was no delight for me, but it might turn out for you. I have not experienced with the author’s other works and I feel reluctant to judge him by this novella. I won’t be spoiler as it’s a short read. I would still recommend this in case you’re interested in enjoying some new author or in reading this specific genre, please go ahead and give it a try.